Friday, September 19, 2008

I’m here in Milwaukee in my guise as mild-mannered independent curator of new media, preparing for my new media exhibition, Act React, at the Milwaukee Art Museum. I arrived three days ago for two weeks of install and a week of openings. I flew in with Brian Knep whose Healing Pool will have it’s world premiere at the exhibit. Also Camille Utterback and her assistant, Genevieve Hoffman are here. Camille is showing her three interactive wall projections, Untitled 6 (2005), Untitled 5 (2003) and External Measures 2003 (2003).

The Museum has built a website for the show, with their own blog which the artists and I will be posting to throughout the install and the run of the exhibit.

So far the install is going smoothly, with the usual glitches that technology based art always has. But (knock on wood) nothing major. The staff here at the Museum are incredibly professional. They are avid problem solvers and have contributed some important ideas for the installation.

Over the net few weeks I'll be writing about how a new media install goes and how the exhibition is received.

George Fifield