Thursday, March 22, 2007

Smartphone Art: Handheld Histories as Hyper-Monuments

"Handheld Histories as Hyper-Monuments" invites participants to construct hyper-monuments at historic sites. HHHM addresses historic bias and exploits pervasive computing through mobile technologies. The artwork expresses my (Carmin Karasic's) concept, but is realized through collaboration with artists Rolf van Gelder, Rob Coshow, Brett Stalbaum, and Jo Rhodes.

I use computer based and emerging technologies in my art to increase social awareness through art activism. I believe it is a cyberartist's responsibility to provoke a reevaluation of our existing systems through technology. Because future communication technology will enable total wireless connectivity, I am specifically interested in our interaction with this pervasive computing.

My art investigates alternative views, new connections and interaction between edges. My artworks consciously examine the hyperreal, because presentation has become more important than personal opinion, observation, or even reality itself. "Handheld Histories as Hyper-Monuments" was inspired by the gap between official political histories and alternative histories. Digital doubles in this project create spaces for untold stories, forgotten histories, and pure speculation surrounding monuments and events. I am also inspired by Teri Rueb's locative media art projects.
Old South Church as a Hyper-Monument
Given a prominent historic monument, shrine, location, etc., HHHM begins by playing a location specific movie clip that regresses the present day image to a pre-urbanized image for the specific location. Images displayed in HHHM will be based on archived history and related images uploaded by participants. When available colloquial anecdotes will be presented. Accompanying multimedia components will include text, video, images, and audio downloads. Participants will be able to contribute text, image, or audio content from the monument location via GPS and Windows Mobile enabled cell phones to the project website.

Ultimately, my ambition is to contribute to the positive social engagement of new technologies through art. Synergy between artists, scientists, and engineers can lead to new cultural insights and potential innovation, rather than reinforce old assumptions. I want my work to contribute to invention and digital enhancements.

"Handheld Histories as Hyper-Monuments"
was commissioned for the Boston Cyberarts Festival by The work will be presented along with Brian Knep's work at the Judi Rotenburg Gallery, April 21- 28, Tues-Sat 10am-6pm, Artist Talk and Reception with Brian Knep and Carmin Karasic Sat, April 21, 2pm.