Friday, March 16, 2007

Analog Night at Beat Research with Pamelia Kurstin - The Greatest Living Theramin Player

Beat Research tends to do things digitally. In honor of their special guest Pamelia Kurstin, who is a maestro of the first electronic musical instrument ever invented, we have decided to go completely analog.

People like Leon Theremin and Robert Moog set out to expand the possibilities of music and art through their own magical inventions. Pamelia (whose Theremin was built, and presented to her by Robert Moog himself) pushes the boundaries of her instrument too. While most people relate the Theremin to eerie science fiction sound effects, Pamelia produces sounds ranging from a grumbling electro bass to a layered symphony. Sometimes she even drops Theremin riffs over hip-hop and jungle beats.

Also, Beat Research residents DJ Flack and DJ C, leave their laptops home in favor of spinning good old fashion analog slabs of vinyl while abstract video art is projected from VHS tapes.

Download sample from Pamelia
Download sample from DJ Flack
Download sample from DJ C

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when Pamelia Kurstin will be performing tonight? Will it be close to the 9:00 start time or much later in the evening?