Monday, March 12, 2007

Commonwealth Awards

As you might imagine, receiving the Massachusetts Commonwealth award was a wonderful experience for all of us at Boston Cyberarts. For those of you who don’t know, the festival was awarded the state’s highest honor in the arts and humanities in the category of Creative Economy on Wednesday afternoon at the State House. Actually it was an all day affair, starting with a breakfast event at the Bank of America. Janet Bailey and Phaedra Shanbaum joined me there for what we thought was just a meet and greet.

But then all the honorees were surprised with a grant from the bank of America for $2000. As the Festival is coming up shortly, it is sorely needed. Thank you, Bank of America!

As you can see, the bank gave the honorees one of those oversize checks that they use for photo ops. On the way from the bank of America to the State House for the public Commonwealth Awards event, my assistant, Phaedra (also co-director of Axiom Gallery) and Janet (Boston Cyberarts director of marketing) got the giggles and started running around with the big check and my camera for a set of wonderful pics:

Then at the State House there were talks about the state of the arts in the Commonwealth, lunch, lots of schmoozing time, lots of friends in the arts to schmooze with and finally the awards. Our board members, Dave Newbold and Geoff Pingree were able to join us, along with Dedalus, Lynne, her friend Kit, visiting from LA and Brian Knep. I had invited John Tobin, my friend and our city councilor, here in Jamaica Plain and was happy to see he showed up in time for the awards, but stayed in back. The Massachusetts art community was well represented. Read more here.

It was a wonderful honor to get this year’s Commonwealth Award. Especially with the other awardees this year, all of whom are smaller scrappier organizations, who have done great work for many years. The Revolving Museum, Ploughshares and Express Yourself are all inspiring organizations. It was a thrill to be included in their company.
George Fifield

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